Joel Sears

Joel is a veteran marketing copywriter with decades of experience working with advertising agencies and directly for clients. In addition to his current work with clients through his agency Branderos, shared with Richard Toker, Joel has applied his knowledge to help others communicate more effectively. In his travels, Joel has  observed the same patterns of weak, passive communications repeat themselves across different industries and writing platforms. Joel has turned his attention to developing a method of recalibrating your writing to adapt to different audiences and objectives. The result is the Power Writing approach that Joel has created as a basis for coaching people to dramatically improve the sharpness and power of their own writing.

Joel on Power Writing:

Immersing myself throughout my career in the craft of advertising writing, I learned to employ tools like cadence and parallel structure to make a more powerful connection between reader and writer. But that doesn’t mean the best writing is always dialled up to the maximum. Strong strategic writing assesses the audience and what is being asked of them, before fine-tuning the characteristics of the written voice to be used. In fact, the telltale sign of a really capable professional writer is the absence of a single defining voice. A well-rounded writer should be able to write anything from an advertising billboard to a letter of condolence. It’s all a question of marrying your techniques with strategic insights to design the most compelling and convincing narrative for a specific piece of communication. I feel very excited to share what I’ve learned and help as many people as possible overcome their own reticence to amplify their writing voice. You have a lot to say. Say it well and you’ll find a much more engaged reader at the other end. That will lead to a much warmer reception for your ideas – and better results.