Power Writing. Think of writeup as a personal trainer for your writing.

The ‘power’ in Power Writing isn’t a matter of writing ‘louder’ – it’s writing smarter, while also injecting more of yourself into everything you write. It’s writing that captures the strength and conviction of your spoken voice. It’s writing with a clearer sense of purpose – whether it’s an email, report, 
proposal or presentation, it must be structured around an argument. It must define a direction you want to persuade others to follow. That comes out of a thoughtful analysis of your subject and a strategic design of the content you identify as the most convincing. Your readers give you a very short leash. You need to make every word count.


Power Writing Workshops

Writeup’s workshops are built on a series of short, yet challenging and fun hands-on writing exercises that will significantly increase the range of your writing styles, enabling you to answer a broad spectrum of communications tasks.
Contact us for more information about scheduling a workshop or coaching session designed specifically around your needs.

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