It is such a privilege to stand in front of a group of writers – even if they don’t identify themselves that way. I’m amazed at the quality of writing that emerges from our workshops. We share strategies, techniques – and a few laughs along the way.

I’ve been very fortunate to have lead workshops for organizations that include Canadian Marketing Association, the YMCA Client Support Services, the Public Health Agency of Canada (formerly Health Canada), the Conference Board of Canada, the Toronto Neighbourhood Centres and the Canadian Institute.

Here’s a sampling of the generous evaluations and comments I have received:

“I appreciate your flexibility and your openness to dialogue. I valued the experiential wisdom that you imparted, but also your recognition that we all continue to grow and learn more – when you’re open to it. And your openness makes you the best type of teacher.” – Crystal

“Thank you for an amazing class your energy and passion made the workshop.”

“This is an excellent workshop that I would recommend over and over again. You delivered it very well and it was a very inspiring day.”

“Exercises were great and gave context to the content covered.”

“Great job… Very enjoyable.”

“I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to you for your enlightening and inspiring copywriting seminar today.” 

“The exercises and points you made really hit home for me and I will certainly apply them directly to my job (I’m a copywriter). It’s difficult sometimes with the corporate restrictions and all, but your seminar was just the boost I needed to get the creative juices flowing a little more and think outside the box!”

“This course definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone but the exercises made it fun and enjoyable.”

“…exercises that worked on quick thinking and concise writing were great.”

“Loved the hands on exercises.”

“The exercises were very beneficial and enjoyable. I appreciate the creativity and originality Joel applied to the exercises (and humour!).”

“Exercises really helped me put the teachings into practice and can be applied again later at work.”

“Great day, thanks!”

“I particularly found the use of the “dashboard” to be very beneficial and I can see how that would apply to my writing for our differing customer verticals.”

“Totally beneficial and applicable to my line of business. Joel provided easy to follow guidelines of how to communicate with power, intent, precision and purpose.”

“I had attended 6-7 CMA training sessions so far. This is by far the best one. I have recommended it to all my colleagues.”

“The strategic framework is very applicable to day to day work.”

“He was very engaging, knowledgeable and approachable.”

“The class was very engaging and interactive. Great information presented in a way that was easy to understand and digest.” 

“Overall I enjoyed the session. Joel was great and I learned a lot.”

“Great session, a lot of great take-aways.”

“Thank-you for a great day.”

“There was a lot of great feedback that was specific to our tactics and abilities.”

“Very helpful, informative, and eye opening.”

“I will definitely be applying some of the writing techniques that we learned today. Specifically incorporating punchier writing in my day-to-day.”

“A great use of our time.”

“Joel was very knowledgeable, friendly and understood what we do.”

“The out of the box writing exercises  – they got you thinking about how to be different in your everyday application.”

“This was a fantastic way to bring everything together and walk away with valuable tools to implement.”

“Very engaging, case study examples, constructive advise provided.”

“How interactive and engaging the session was, thank you Joel!”

“The presenter was very good and knowledgeable and understood our organization quickly.”

“Interactive, active, time flew.”

“Overall enjoyed the session, Joel was great and I learned a lot.”

“Joel is great! Very enthusiastic and a good stories to illustrate examples.”

“He was approachable, friendly and knowledgeable.”

“Great job! Entertaining speaker.

“You gave us so much to think about when it comes to our marketing, and many good ideas that we can test going forward.”

“Joel is an expert and shared many insights/examples to help us understand the techniques of how  to “Writeup” to diverse audiences/readers. Thanks a bunch Joel! Very helpful to me in my communications.”

“Really fun session and learned great writing techniques – great for a group going through re-branding phase.”

“It was great to learn some new techniques in writing. Learning from others. More writing on writing for reports/grants. Getting more in touch with writing from a more emotional/personal perspective. Facilitator is great!!”

“The facilitator was very knowledgeable and provided useful tools for my organization to start looking at our approach to communications differently.”

“Good information and reminders on writing. Liked the discussion on active/passive voice and shifting the paradigm. Also info about getting things to flow from the headline.”

“I really enjoyed spending a day working writing. Lots of great info to think about for future projects. Great to receive feedback too.”

“Got me thinking outside the box.”

“I thought every one exercise helped get a better understanding of the lesson in a way I can apply it after this session.”

“The workshop was very beneficial. I will be able to to incorporate the knowledge and ideas in my workplace.”

“Great way to provide a different approach to writing.”

“The exercises were fun & beneficial to my learning experience. I think that the exercises & examples used were engaging + interesting – kept all of us interested and excited.”

“Thanks for putting on a great day!”

“It was great! I’d attend another.” 

“Joel is amazing.”

“It was so useful.”

“The training was very helpful.”

“I can definitely apply the info to my job.”

“Great facilitator.”

“Good flow of information.”

“Thank you for your great efforts.”

“Presenter was very knowledgeable about various writing styles and very clear at delivering his presentation.”

“The handouts are very helpful and I will be able to go back and review as needed and share with coworkers to become better at writing.”

“The presenter provided us with very new and up to date techniques of writing.”

“Very knowledgeable.”

“Really helpful examples and to listen to others experiences.”

“I have been looking for this kind of workshop for a long time. I received lots of useful information. Thanks.”

“The workshop was amazing and helpful. Improved our knowledge.”

“Thanks a lot. Was a great workshop. Rich with information.”

“Joel is awesome.”