Workshops that will change the way you write. And the way you think about writing.

How can a one-day workshop change your approach to writing – and the results you achieve through your communications? By getting you to think about writing in a completely different way. Instead of it being an unconscious function performed on your keyboard, it becomes a process of composing your argument and adjusting your voice for every project. All writing has a voice. You hear that voice in your head as you read. It may surprise you to learn that you possess a much broader range of writing voices than you imagined. The workshop encourages you to give that voice the power, persuasion and conviction needed to make the strong case for each of your different messages. That doesn’t always mean imposing a more aggressive style – it means expanding your writing spectrum of styles, so you can design the right voice to suit a particular audience and purpose. And you’ll work on critically important techniques, such as mastering transitions, using the active voice and employing parallel structure. Ready to feel – and express the power inside you? Then experience a Power Writing Workshop by writeup.


Writeup Writing Workshops


Writing is likely the most neglected skill in the workplace today. Our writing workshops can bring new energy and focus to your writing as never before.
We do public workshops, in-house workshops with companies and organizations, and custom-designed workshops to address a specific writing platform or issue.

Writing Workshop Agenda

These workshops are very hands-on, with more than a dozen short writing exercises and brain teasers.

The keys are being more intentional and strategic in mapping out your argument, and then tapping into the natural power and logic your spoken voice – only with the written word.

Writing keys are explored, including rhythm and pace, transitions and varied sentence lengths. 


I’ve been privileged to develop and run a series of different writing workshops tailored to different audiences and levels of experience. What I’ve discovered over and over again is the writing abilities of our workforce is drastically under-rated. I feel inspired to helping people unlock the conversational voice inside everyone’s head and applying it to their writing. Everyone is a gifted story teller, as long as you find your voice. That’s the underlying element shared between all my workshops, whether it’s for the marketing team at the Conference Board of Canada, the Global Development team of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Toronto Neighbourhood Centre administrators or Public Health Agency of Canada managers.

In addition to our workshops for individual organizations, we continue to enjoy  the public workshops I run through the Canadian Marketing Association. 

For 2020, I will be leading two workshops for the CMA: Communications Writing on May 27th and The ART of COPYWRITING in October. I hope to see you there.